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Tenerife blue chaffinch - Linocut print 8x10 on japanese paper


Tenerife blue Chaffinch (Fringilla teydea) is an endemic bird species found only in the highlands of the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, right off the west coast of Africa where I live. This listing is for a linocut print of my original illustration. This one is an 8x10 size printed on 36gr Kitakata japanese paper with water based ink. The paper has a subtle coffee tone, it's not completely white. It's delicate and prints beautifully, even the smallest details.

All my prints are hand pulled and come numbered and signed.

It's sent flat on a sturdy envelope to avoid cracks. Please, note that prints may vary sightly from the one in the picture as every print is handmade one by one. I only sell prints that turn out good. If you have questions send me a message.

Shipping is included in the price